‘A socialist country can’t support it!’ More trust Boris than Corbyn with the NHS - poll

Up to 89 percent of those who took part in an Express.co.uk poll (7,500 participants) said they would sooner trust Mr Johnson over the veteran left-winger with the NHS. Less than 10 percent said they would trust Mr Corbyn instead of the Prime Minister, which was 838 of the vote. Up to 144 clicked the ‘don’t know’ option – one percent of the poll.

A total of 8,482 took part in the poll that ran today from 2.52pm to 8.52pm.

Comments widely reflected the result of the poll.

One commenter said: “I wouldn’t trust Corbyn with my dog, never mind an extremely complex, enormous problem like the NHS.”

Another said: “The NHS needs three things, a strong economy, immigration control and reorganisation to cut waste. Only the Conservatives can provide this, Corbyn would be a total disaster for the NHS.”

A third added: “A socialist bankrupted country wouldn’t be able to support the NHS.”

Another said: “At least the Tories have the sense to understand where the problems in the NHS lie – albeit they are reluctant to speak about it publicly at the moment – we can only hope they will do something to ease the burden on the NHS once they are in a position to do so.”

A fifth added: “It’s only recently that the NHS finished paying for the PFI schemes the Last Labour louts set up!”

Another added: “All I want for Christmas is a large Tory majority……..mostly because the alternatives are too horrible to contemplate.”

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The poll comes as Ipsos MORI released their own on the issue of the NHS and how it has been run has risen to be almost as important as Brexit for members of the public.

According to 1,010 adults asked between 8-24 November, the NHS has surged by 18 percent to 54, while Brexit has dropped by six to level out at 57.

With the issue of the NHS in mind, we are asking Express readers to vote on who between Jo Swinson, Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson could they trust with the health service.

In order to address the crisis in the NHS at the moment, all the main parties have published a raft of proposals to improve the health service.

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Mr Corbyn’s has frequently involved attacks on Mr Johnson and his party.

Also under Mr Corbyn, spending on the health sector would increase by 4.3 percent a year while any privatisation of the health sector would be reversed.

Labour have also put forward a plan to provide free personal care for the elderly and free annual NHS dental check-ups.

The Prime Minister’s manifesto has promised to put forward an extra £34billion of funding for the health service.

Mr Johnson has also pledged an extra 50million GP appointments a year.

And his policy to recruit an extra 50,000 nurses was proved to include retention of 19,000 nurses already in the system.

Despite allegations that following Brexit, a trade deal between the UK and US could see parts of the service sold off, Mr Johnson has insisted that the health service would not be negotiated.

The policy would have a spend of £6billion a year with an additional £5.8billion used to fill gaps in other social care services.

The Lib Dems, have also pledged £35billion over five years if they were to come into Government.

This proposal would be funded by raising income tax by a penny, while Ms Swinson’s party would also create a £10billion fund to upgrade NHS equipment and buildings.

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