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Sony Photograph Awards winners include romping rhinos and snaps of Earth's most stunning landscapes

WE'RE living through strange times at the moment but the National Sony World Photography Awards 2020 is here to remind us that the world is still a beautiful place.The event happens every year and celebrate the best photographers and their snaps from across the planet.This year the awards has celebrated photographers from different countries and has selected single national winners.Entrants had to take their photos in 2019.Lucky winners get Sony digital imaging equipment and are featured in the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition in London and the Sony World Photography Awards Awards’ book.The competition received just under 200,000 applicants from 63 countries and you can see some of the stunning winning photographs below.Mating rhinosGalloping horsesOne of the world's highest peaksHorse MotionNorthern LightsDrying TeaA flexible giraffeSea swimmingSealsPeaking buffaloTree haloStriking portraitTraditional dressA sad storyFunfairThe fastest living creatures on EarthHere ar…

Universal Credit: Can you get your benefit payment early next month? April dates explained

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has confirmed that benefits payments due on certain dates in April will be made early. Should a person expect a benefit payment – including Universal Credit – over the Easter weekend next month, the day it is received will be early.READ MOREMartin Lewis reveals mortgage options during coronavirus pandemicSo, which dates will be affected?On Friday April 10 and Monday April 13, all offices and phone lines are closed due to being bank holidays.However, they will open again as usual on Tuesday April 14.All benefit payments are affected, the DWP has confirmed.How will dates be affected?If the benefits were due on the following dates, the actual pay date will be on the first working date prior.Due date: Friday April 10. Actual pay date: Thursday April 9.Due date: Monday April 13. Actual pay date: Thursday April 9.Amid the changes, some people may wonder whether this would mean they’d get a different amount.However, the DWP has confirmed that if a p…

Mars has alien LIFE lurking at its icy poles, astronomers believe

MARS probably has alien life lurking at its icy poles, astronomers say.The icy Martian poles may have trapped "dormant or slow-metabolising" life – and offer hope in the quest for finding life beyond Earth.Humans have long suspected that life could be hiding out on the red planet.Nasa already has rovers operating on the surface of Mars – and a British-built rover will head there in 2022 to hunt for alien life.But deciding the best places to probe for living organisms is tricky, as Mars is more than half the size of Earth.Astronomers speaking to Forbes have said that we're "likely" to find life at the Martian poles."Everything we know about biology would suggest that if there is some sort of bacterial life at Mars' poles,"  said Jacqueline Campbell, a planetary science doctoral candidate at Britain's Mullard Space Science Lab, speaking to Forbes."It will either be dormant or metabolising incredibly slowly."Campbell added that Mars'…

WhatsApp creates secret 'self-deleting messages' feature – wiping texts forever

WHATSAPP has quietly built a secret feature that lets you send disappearing texts.The self-destructing messages will vanish after a chosen amount of time – wiping themselves from recipients' phones.Privacy geeks love WhatsApp because all chats are encrypted, keeping them safe from prying eyes.But having a massive backlog of your texts on other phones can create a cyber-security nightmare.That's probably why WhatsApp is quietly building this new 'self-destructing texts' tool.Sadly the feature isn't available yet – but evidence of its existence has been unearthed by specialist blog WABetaInfo.The website scours WhatsApp beta code for clues to new features.Almost every major WhatsApp feature added in recent years has been spotted by WABetaInfo.In test versions of WhatsApp, the feature is hidden inside the app's Settings.It can be found under the header 'Delete Messages', which says: "Choose how long new messages will last before they are deleted."…

Why Late-Deciding Democratic Voters Swung To Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign was resurrected in South Carolina when Black voters propelled him to a 30 point blowout victory. A torrent of positive media followed, two major candidates dropped out of the Democratic race and endorsed Biden, and three days after the South Carolina win, his under-funded and under-manned campaign stomped to victories across Super Tuesday states to build a delegate lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).The big story of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary is the thousands of voters who in those three days decided to pull the lever for Biden. Biden won 40% of late deciders, according to Super Tuesday exit polls.The surge of late-deciding voters for Biden appears to have come, in large part, from the suburban communities that have been the center of the “resistance” since President Donald Trump’s election. The suburbs also fueled the Democratic takeover of the House in the 2018 midterm elections.A number of these late-deciding …

Here's what you can get for $800,000 in Charlotte, North Carolina

North Carolina AG sues 8 producers of vaping productsNorth Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein on his effort to halt e-cigarette sales among teens and the U.S. opioid epidemic.Real estate firm Redfin has predicted that Charlotte, North Carolina, will be one of the “hottest metros among affordability-seeking homebuyers in the coming decade.”Continue Reading BelowHome sales in Charlotte have been growing at 14.5 percent annually, according to Redfin. And nearly half of that search activity has been coming from outside the area.There are a lot of reasons for someone to move to the “Queen City.” It’s the largest city in the state, home to businesses like Bank of America and a major hub in the world of NASCAR.So here’s a look at some of the homes on the market in the greater Charlotte area for someone shopping with an $800,000 budget:Walden at Providence — $800,000Image 1 of 12This Waxhaw, North Carolina home is listed for $800,000. (Credit: Our State Realty LLC)HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN GET FO…