Sony Photograph Awards winners include romping rhinos and snaps of Earth's most stunning landscapes

WE'RE living through strange times at the moment but the National Sony World Photography Awards 2020 is here to remind us that the world is still a beautiful place.

The event happens every year and celebrate the best photographers and their snaps from across the planet.

This year the awards has celebrated photographers from different countries and has selected single national winners.

Entrants had to take their photos in 2019.

Lucky winners get Sony digital imaging equipment and are featured in the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition in London and the Sony World Photography Awards Awards’ book.

The competition received just under 200,000 applicants from 63 countries and you can see some of the stunning winning photographs below.

Mating rhinos

Galloping horses

One of the world's highest peaks

Horse Motion

Northern Lights

Drying Tea

A flexible giraffe

Sea swimming


Peaking buffalo

Tree halo

Striking portrait

Traditional dress

A sad story


The fastest living creatures on Earth

Here are the animals you probably couldn't out run…

  • The peregrine falcon is the fastest flying member of the animal kingdom with speeds of up to 242 mph
  • Golden eagles are not far behind this with a diving speed of 200 mph
  • Cheetah's have long been considered the fastest land animal and can travel at 75 mph but their endurance is limited
  • The black marlin is the fastest fish in the world and was recorded stripping line off a fishing reel at 120 feet per second
  • The pronghorn, a creature similar to an antelope, can run at 55 mph
  • Lions are the second speediest feline and can travel at 50mph
  • The Mexican free-tailed bat is said to be the fastest horizontal flyer in the world with speeds of 100 mph

In other news, pictures of curious new creatures have been shared online by Photoshop whizzes.

An amazing shot of an owl was among the winners of last year's annual iPhone Photography Awards.

And, we rounded up a list of the world's most endangered animals.

What's your favourite photo in the collection? Let us know in the comments…

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