Families escape after Tesla Model X’s automatic brakes stopped a falling tree from crushing them during Storm Dennis – The Sun

TWO families have narrowly escaped being crushed by a massive tree after their Tesla's automatic brakes suddenly kicked in.Laurence Sanderson was travelling through Dorset with his three children and wife over the weekend when a oak tree was blown over during Storm Dennis.The family of five were moments away from being hit by the 400-year tree when the Model X's autonomous brakes stopped them in their tracks.Instead of landing on top of your roof, the enormous branch crashed onto their bonnet.Another Tesla was travelling in the other direction at the exact time the tree fell, but managed to avoid a serious crash thanks to their motor's innovative braking system.Thankfully, both families were uninjured in the crash and were taken in by a couple in a nearby house who gave them food and water.
The A31 was blocked in both directions due to the massive tree fall.Tesla introduced an automated emerging braking system into all of its vehicles back in 2017, which engages when it det…

Keir Starmer lays out plans for the top job as he vows to save the NHS

The past three weeks have been hell for Keir Starmer.After his mother-in-law Barbara suffered an accident, the potential new Labour leader cancelled campaign events so he and his wife Victoria could be by her bedside. Barbara’s death last weekend will have brought back difficult memories for Starmer, the favourite to succeed Jeremy Corbyn. He lost his own mum in 2015 after years battling a debilitating disease.These tragic experiences have given him a close-up view of the “incredible” NHS, and have made him determined that the health service should have the resources it needs.He said: “We were overwhelmed by how incredible the NHS really is.
Labour leadership row explodes as party reports Keir Starmer 'hack' claims to watchdog
Emily Thornberry knocked out Labour leadership race as she fails to make ballot“The last few weeks have been very tough on my wife and her sister.”Victoria works for the NHS in ­occupational health. Starmer’s mother Jo was a nurse.Jo had Still’s disease,…

Council tax bills to soar by up to 4% in 'unfair' pressure on households

Council leaders have proposed a maximum 4 per cent increase to council tax, forcing families to pay around £70 more a year on an average Band D property.The tax rise proposal will come in effect in April as an initiative to allow local authorities to access an additional £1.5billion for social care, government claims.The Police and Crime Commissioners were given authority by ministers to put up Band D bills by £10, it is reported.John O’Connell, of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "These rises will put many households under even greater financial pressure."The tax burden is already at a 50-year high and it isn’t fair to keep asking taxpayers to dig even deeper into their pockets."North East Lincolnshire Council have suggested a 3.98 per cent increase in council and is yet to confirmed by the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner, according to Grimsby Live.
Distressed mum of Faye Swetlik, 6, reports daughter missing in harrowing 911 call
UK weather: Storm Dennis to …

Aliens likely to have a brain the size of a planet compared with us, leading UFO-hunter says – The Sun

ALIENS are likely to have a brain the size of a planet compared with us, a leading UFO-hunter says.The first aliens will have been around billions of years longer than humans, according to Dr Andrew Siemion, who is leading the search for ET-like creatures, and are likely to be extremely intelligent and more advanced than humans.And he warned they will “undoubtedly” be more clever than humans, with technology that makes our gadgets look Stone Aged.They may be floating around in something like the Star Wars’ Death Star that makes our technology look Stone Age, he claims.Dr Siemion told a conference he believes aliens exist.He added: “Our solar system is 4.7billion years old and the ­universe is 13.5billion years old.“So, surely the first civilisation that we encounter are likely to have had technology far longer than we have, and would be much more technologically sophisticated.”Dr Siemion, of the University of California, has launched a project using a huge telescope in New Mexico to h…

How to save money on car insurance—10 ways

Let’s face it. We all like to save money, especially when it comes to auto insurance. But does lowering your insurance premiums mean less-than-adequate coverage or working with a provider whose customer service leaves a lot to be desired? Not at all. We’ve put together a variety of suggestions to help you save money on auto insurance without sacrificing quality in the process.When it comes to buying a new or used car, many people overlook insurance expense as part of the total cost of owning a vehicle. It’s better to consider the cost of insurance before you buy since auto insurance premiums vary widely depending on a vehicle’s specific characteristics, including its price, average repair costs, safety record and whether or not it’s a target among thieves.Related: 5 important facts about car insurance no one ever tells youMany insurance companies offer multi-policy discounts, such as buying a homeowner’s policy and auto coverage from the same carrier. You might also be able to save mo…

Google seals takeover of Looker after UK green light

(Reuters) – Alphabet Inc-owned Google (GOOGL.O) said on Thursday it has completed its $2.6 billion buyout of privately held big-data analytics firm Looker Data Sciences after winning clearance from Britain’s competition watchdog.Google announced the cash deal in June, the first major acquisition for its new cloud business Chief Executive Officer Thomas Kurian. The deal aims to build upon the success of Google Cloud’s BigQuery, a tool for managing large datasets.Looker’s tool enables analysts and other workers to define calculations for items such as revenue or high-value customers and then visualize trends in their data without writing complicated scripts. It competes with Tableau Software Inc DATA.N, Domo Inc (DOMO.O) and Microsoft’s (MSFT.O) Power BI.The Competition and Markets Authority said its probe found the deal would not adversely impact quality of service or competition in the market for data analytics tools and software.The CMA added that the deal was unlikely to lead to inc…

Netflix trialling £2.99 'cheapest ever' plan – but it only works on smartphones or tablets

NETFLIX is reportedly testing out its cheapest price plan to date.The only catch of the impressive deal is that it's just for smartphones and tablets so you wouldn't be able to use the plan on your laptop or TV.According to reports, the package would likely cost around £2.99 a month if it came to the UK.In comparison, the current Basic UK package costs £5.99 a month.The Standard packaged is even more expensive again, now costing users a monthly fee of £8.99.It's thought that the new plan could be targeting children or commuters who won't be siting in front of the TV when they watch popular Netflix shows like Stranger Things.Netflix was trialling its cheapest plan in Malaysia, India and Indonesia by the end of last year.We don't yet know if an equivalent plan will be coming to the US or UK but it may depend on the success of current trials.Michael Pachter of investment firm Wedbush Securities told us: "They have a plan in India and announced two quarters ago th…